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Most married people, no longer in pursuit of blind sex, they care more about the quality of sex life.Like orgasm this matter, very few people can really achieve orgasm, especially for many women, orgasm is usually performed out.

How to achieve orgasm in life, its relationship with the number of male penis pumping ? Together take a look with the male enhancement pills wholesaler.

Many men in the sexual life process want to achieve the most perfect orgasm, then the sex life process, insert  times before they can achieve the most perfect orgasm ? Especially for women clitoris erection orgasm.

There are a lot of men and women in the normal sex, the man inserted into the female vagina frequency and intensity in the evaluation of statistics, in this case, the emotional expression of both sides will fall into a misunderstanding, and in this case ,To get the intensity of sexual excitement is a relatively strenuous thing.

Perhaps this is a misunderstanding of many people, people want to get the ultimate state of sexual love, but in the use of this sexual form of things in their sex as the standard.

In sexual process, how many times of insertion can achieve the most perfect orgasm, is a lot of men and women are concerned about, especially for women clitoral erection orgasm.

In fact, how to achieve orgasm, how many times the insertion can reach orgasm, and there is no certain rules, there is no specific number of times. Our
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In fact, and feelings of the formation and development, the feeling of sex is not only a purely physical or technical sense of the things on the level, and more is the feelings of each other to give. Because love and lust of germinal, in the treatment of emotion, although the role of sex can not be underestimated.

But the sex content or way, is not purely carnal way to get. Heterosexual emotional maintenance, not in the absence of the theme of sex, it will become tasteless .

The orgasm is a complex problem, the orgasm is often associated with both mood, sexual skills, sexual environment and physical condition and so on. In general, the number of insertions and the formation of orgasm is proportional to, but the quality of the insert is also very important. But also vary.

And sexual intercourse is not the way people like those in the pornographic film reveals , because those who have been to stimulate the extreme sex has been a lot of disclosure. Some of the ways and scenes of sexuality that have been created are already a means of flirting, with no more meaning.

Sex is sex, in need of love, we do not consider other topic has nothing to do with sexual life .

And on the quality of sex and people's imagination is different, can not expect  this is the best, because it has increased the psychological burden, it will be the climax of sex as a task to bear. Moreover, this absent-minded sex, will disperse the concentration of sexual partners but will therefore reduce the interest of sex.

Because there have been many sex experts to meet the way of sexual love is almost the same opinion, that is because people because of the specific environment and mood, and physical and so on the reason, people's sexual behavior is different.

Moreover, even a woman can not count about the number of men for the female vaginal insertion, and as a standard of evaluation of orgasm. Or that has been set to reach the set number of times, or did not reach the last number is not reached each other's sexual needs.

Of course, can not do sex stereotyped form, or that nothing has changed. In a certain sense, sex is a kind of arbitrary and full of the play.

In fact, when the real sex scenes into the men and women, is not to care about the number of sex or insert the number of ways, because in that particular scenario, the two sides have been completely immersed in love to the atmosphere of love , There is no possibility to calculate the number of inserts.

True high-quality sex is both men and women can achieve orgasm, and then do not blindly pursue the number of pumping, in fact, for many women, meaningless long time pumping will only make them feel disgusted . Men must pay attention to it!

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