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The right steps of sex ? Buy wholesale cheap chinese sex pills from china to help your sexual performance.

Sex is very important part in the daily life,so do  you know how to make a healthy sex life? and how is the right stops of sex?

1, contact

Women like men gently touched the woman's hand,when touching hand giving some hint, so that women's heart waves up and want a man holding kissed. If, at the touch a woman's hand, shaking with fear, or nervous to do little tricks, women do not like it, but will be somewhat annoying.

2, seeing women do not resist Handshake and implied

Man to a woman into his arms, the action to be fast, to be fierce, most women like men so strongly to her, and then holding tightly to their bodies together, inseparable, and this is most women need to feel.

While caressing, while softly is indispensable, man is moaning from time to time some of the eager mature woman, women know that men put emotion, the following have been planned. Then you can held her tightly, then the handle unintentionally touched her breasts and genitals, you make her feel.

3, kiss

Kiss of heat, should be soft, longer, deeper, to live, so that women feel when you kiss there, this is a man's effort. Usually the tongue should be a woman mouth constantly touched her tongue, fast sometimes slow, sometimes use lip kiss for a while, sometimes turning his head, so kiss change the angle, then most women will not stand up, a man holding woman soft to sit down, the best in bed, no conditions or any place on the couch.

Kiss should continue straight kiss a woman's hand began to stretch the lower part of the man, body red hot, close to the man, the woman explained libido has been very strong. When men take advantage of women can not resist the force, he began to take off a woman's clothes, action should be gentle, do not stop, not to evaluate the woman's clothing, on the back, said good, otherwise the woman's emotions are affected.

4, so that women sprint step

Men should not take your pants off this time, let the penis expansion, while continuing to kiss, while using both hands to touch her breasts. First, gently groping breasts, then put all the focus all our attention up to the highest point, then there will be a woman's erection, I believe her nakedness has been very wet.

5, men can begin to enter

In addition to the general operation of intercourse, the woman favorite is to sit on the man , face to face to do. Make a woman climax, stoned, then the man not to control a woman, as long as any of the penis has been comfortable, relaxed sexual intercourse.

Behind enter is also very good; the woman holding the penis is inserted in the inside better; stood inserted through the penis (height to be consistent); Once a woman has few orgasm, men should begin preparing ejaculation.

6, ejaculation

This is the most desirable moment that woman want, when a woman is happy "dead" time. In the final shot, when to groan aloud, preferably cried a woman's nickname, so that women feel that he is about to release, when the woman was very satisfied, because she let the man in her body shot, and then the " useless "was in fact a woman happy man" awesome! "

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