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Wholesale Safer, stronger and better Spain Insect Powder sex love potion with competitive price and efficient delivery.

Sex Powder For Women

This is white crystalline powder female enhancement pills, odorless and colorless, can be quickly dissolved in drinks, water and not to be found

Key ingredients: L-arginlne: the most abundant of amino acids, this has been shown to help increase the level of nitric oxide, the signals blood vessels to relax and dilate, keeping blood where it is needed.

Aloe Vera: is known for it's smoothing properties and designed to ease vaginal dryness which can result in.


Spain insect powder female sex pills Usage and dosage: open one bag female enhancer pills and put it into boiled water, beverages and alcohol if necessary, it will take effect in 5minutes.


Female sex pills Caution: the product has strong effect, be careful when using on someone with heart or eye disease. It is not suitable for children, pregnant women and girls under 18years old. Do not use it for enticing young girls.

Spain insect powder-libido sex powder for women. 
This product is white powder,no color no taste, it is can dissolve into kinds of drinks quickly.

After taking it. the woman will feel tickle in her private the face turn red, breath hurry, heart beat quickly, breath ardor. secretion increase,she wants to get sex intercourse immdeiately,during making love ,can reach high tide and get satisfied,

Spain insect powder product is known for its smoothing properties and desiged to and designed to ease vaginal dryness which can result in a wanted friction during intercourse.

Specification:1000mg*3bags*3 boxes

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