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Wholesale Super Silver Fox sex aphrodisiac for woman

Silver fox female sex pills Function: this product is powder, odorless and tasteless. Soluble in all kinds of drinks quickly. Within several minutes after taken women will notice effect. The face will become red, tachypnea, and eagerness to have Sex.

Silver fox Main-Ingredients: imported Spanish materials (OPS), lily and rose extracts

Specification: 5mg/piece x 12 boxes


There are many products in the market that can help in boosting your sex drive but Super Silver Fox is the best when it comes to sex enhancement for women.

How does silver fox female sex enhancement Works ?

Silver Fox female sex pills has been good news for those women who love sex because of its ability to meet their expectations. Super this products does not have any side effects and that is why it is the best option. It is possible for a woman to get aroused in less than 5 minutes after using Super Silver Fox.

The ingredients are safe and natural and therefore there is no need to worry about side effects

Simply mix Silver Fox powder easily with soft drinks, water or coffee.

The ingredients of Silver Fox are safe and natural and therefore there is no need to worry about side effects. Women who want to fulfill the sexual desires of their men should try Silver Fox. It is a magic potion without any color or smell, and is quickly absorbed in any wine or drinks without being noticed.

Women typically feel sexually aroused within 5 minutes of taking Silver fox.

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