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We are a professional manufacturer of SAN TI NIU BIAN penis enlargement sex capsules, exporter of SANTI Scalper PENIS ERECTION chinese sex capsules  made in China, Please get more cheaper price of SAN TI NIU BIAN PENIS ERECTION SEX CAPSULE  from China suppliers.

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SAN TI NIU BIAN Santi Scalper penis enlargement sex capsule Introduction :

SAN TI NIU BIAN Santi Scalper Penis Erecting sex Capsule is an excellent product of new generation of strengthening and invigorating the kidney: SAN TI NIU BIAN is refined with penis of the cattle in Mengcheang, mingled with rare Chinese medicines, such as pilose antler and ginseng etc. base on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, applying modern production technology of medical science. 

SAN TI NIU BIAN  Santi Scalper herbal  penis enlargement sex capsule has been exported to USA, Japan and Southeast Asia, etc.,enjoy great popularity.

SAN TI NIU BIAN Santi Scalper herbal penis enlargement pills main Materials and Ingredients:

Materials: Penis of cattle, pilose antler and ginseng, schisandra fruit, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, semen cuscutae, barrenwort, cistanche salsa, arrillus longan etc.

Ingredients: Collagen, active peptide, muco polysaccharide, vitamins, several kind of amino acids, and more than 10 kinds of trace elements such as calcium, ferrum, zince, phosphorus, strontium, manganese, molybdenum, copper and chromium, etc.

SAN TI NIU BIAN Santi Scalper penis erecting Capsule effects:

  • Provide kidney in effect with necessary nutrition, trace elements and active substantial,
  • Stimulate kidney to modulate itself.
  • Improve its infiltration and secretion,
  • Improve the amount of testosterone in blood and the function of adrenocort,
  • Stimulate ribose metabolism and synthesize, improve SOD's activity.
  • Stimulate gonad metabolism and secretion
  • Reduce the amount of LPO, meliorate the free-radical metabolism, so kidney's function is improved and repaired quickly.

SAN TI NIU BIAN  Santi Scalper penis enlargement capsules Usage & Dosage:

1. Take 2-3 capsules orally,1 hour before sexual intercourse for the best effect.

2. Patients with heart disease of diabetes mellitus shall take 1 capsule per time, once a day, taking with boiled water orally before going to bed or in the morning.

SAN TI NIU BIAN  Santi Scalper herbal capsules Specification: Each bottle contains 0.3 g * 9 capsules/bottle ;15 bottles /big box .

Santi niu bian male sex pills Storage: at ordinary temperatures.

Caution: The santi niubian santi scalper capsules has strong effect, be careful when using in patients with serious cerebrovascular disease and consumption disease. It is not suitable for children.

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