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Male impotence just like the women booster their breast , starting from the physical development is called the ultimate dream of men, but every man impotence way is different in each country and impotence men have their own secret, let's take a look at Chinese people the way to impotence, the results will surprise you!

It is generally believed that about 15 to 20 percent of adult men suffer from varying degrees of impotence, plus other problems cause sexual dysfunction, impotence in the world has a huge market demand.

2015, Male Enhancement Pills in sales of around 10 billion USD, analysts have estimated that the impotence drug market potential in about 90 billion USD. 

However, since China has a profound and long-standing culture of impotence, it is widely believed food therapy and medicated, chemicals and medicine sales figures, compared with consumption for aphrodisiac tonic, up just a fraction.

Of course, the nations of the world have to believe that some traditional aphrodisiac foods, and follow the same logic: implied. In general, look, smell or actions can easily lead to associate food considered aphrodisiac. For example, the eyes of the Frenchman shoots, in the eyes of the Japanese loach etc.

The following is a part of Chinese cuisine can also mix yin,tonify yang, and is also a very common dish, it is their combined effect with them, with a few recipes below, male friends can have a try:

1, cardamom milk

Celery, green onions cut into filaments, mixed with four cups of milk or yogurt, cardamom and add some minced meat and the right amount of salt, stir in the refrigerator. Every morning take half a cup (20-30 g).

2, celery custard

Celery 300 grams washed, cut into sections, into the pot boiling water for a moment, add a little flour and 1 cup of concentrated broth, then add 1 egg yolk, the best hot drinks.

3, carrot soup

Take two carrots, cut into thin, with cold milk (heated) 150 g mixture, stir, add salt. Daily cup, three times daily, for a week is most effective.

4, honey, fruit dices

Take walnuts 200 g mashed, dried apricots, raisins, figs mixed with 100 grams each, plus 100 grams of honey, carefully reconcile Serve. Daily consumption of a spoon  food.

5, grape ginseng tonic wine 

1 kg of white wine 20 grams of cinnamon, 20 grams of ginseng, sealed soak for 15 days. Then start to open, drink a glass (50-80 grams) per day.

Has a special smell, it can make the body heat, exciting food, sometimes considered aphrodisiac. Chinese people chives,Indians chili , Europeans radish (considered a special smell), some bark in Africa, as well as Arabs beef and mutton  fall into this category. In addition, animal genitals, a variety of eggs, alcohol, multinational culture have been recognized as "impotence" yield. 

But there is no country like China. From the desert to the sea, whether animal, vegetable, mineral, can find relevant aphrodisiac foods. No country can have such a vast "impotence" food list,Such as: Brave tiger bone, seal kidney, ants, sea cucumber, ginseng, deer horn, Epimedium, to dog meat, leeks, are considered aphrodisiac.

These spread to thousands of years in China. Male Enhancement pills is more or less helpful. Of course did not effect so obvious and direct as viagra cialis erecitle dysfunction pills  may be a month later can feel its effects.

So there are some impatient people think these foods are not useful. Of course, a great advantage is that these are almost natural food, with no side effects, eating it just like eating rice.

China Male Enhancement Pills the raw material is the above natural raw material which use modern industrial technology and the extract was concentrated so the effect will be some.

Men aged 50-59 are the main purchaser of Male Enhancement Pills. Because this age young man, the body is still strong, but also on a certain age, unlike the twenties and thirties Which energy, but not seven or eight years old. All men want to be physically strong, a number of sexually active. This time just to take some Male Enhancement Pills. This will become an favourite option of this aged men.

Men worldwide have impotence demand, the unique Chinese culture can be called profound impotence, be tolerant to diversity.

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