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Wholesale  Best Male enhancement products MEN'S plant-root,natural herbal male sex pills MEN'S plant-root sex enhancement. We are a leading wholesaler in China sex products, provide all kinds of sex pills:Viagra,cialis,maxman,super hard and so on ,

We also accept OEM/private label/private package/customized formula development.

MEN’S PLANT-ROOT  EASY TO BE A MAN enhance your sex life


Male enhancer products MEN'S plant-root description:

Every pill of the plant root strong essence made by natural Chinese herbal medicine right from the development.

Each 100 gram Men's plant-root pills contains:

583mg of (PnS) panax notoginseng, 260 mg of crude polysaccharide, and radix codonopsitis, two tooth Achyranthes Roots, ginseng, Poria and other valuable Chinese herbal medicine.

Natural Chinese Herbal formula on body without any side effects.

Wholesale men's plant-root sex pills Specification: 8 pills/box

Sex enhancer pills men's plant-root Usage30 minutes before sex to take one pill with warm boiled water, if to take it not with treatment intention, one pill once in three days enough.

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