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Man king pills side effects Drop shipping Wholesale the Original best selling Man King male sex pills,Man king male penis enlargement pill are all-natural supplement of herbals formulated to increase the penis size

Man king pills Functions:

1.Improving premature ejaculation and improving endurance.

2.deliver maximum sexual performance and sexual pleasure, stronger and harder erections.’s wonderful to make the sexual organ fast erection and achieve rock hard erection anytime you want.

Ingredients of Man King sex pills:man king pills no side effects

Ginseng, scalper’s penis, Chinese matrimony-vine, pilose antler of young stages, longan sarcocarp, lily, buffalo’s penis, fur seal’s penis etc.

Suitable Group

Premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea weak point, sexual dysfunction, reduced sexual desire, small penis, dried soreness, fatigue, dizziness,tinnitus, spontaneous perspiration night sweating, nocturia, prostatit is caused by a variety of symptoms, such as kidney deficiency.

Usage and Amount: man king pills side effects

Take one man king sex pill per time before sexual life 10-20 minutes ,the effect can be lasted for 72 hours. Hypertensive heart disease was allowed to take the pills,it aslo can take it has the same effect after drink.

Man king penis enlargement pills Specification: 2800 mg*5 grains 

Expiration Time:3 years

Storage:Sealed in cool and dry environment.

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