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Premature ejaculation is the most common ejaculatory dysfunction, the incidence of adult men accounted for 1/3 or more. Bring many men with great pain and trouble, many of the wife become heart resentment grumpy temper for PE, seriously affecting the life and social stability. The presence of long lasting sex pills effectively solves this question:

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Many people know the viagra cialis are very effective ED pills but do not know they are also good long lasting sex pills.

1, Gorgon porridge:

Raw Gorgon and wheat bran the right amount, first fried yellow, each taking 20 grams. Another 30 grams of rice or glutinous rice, set the casserole with 500 ml of water, with gentle fry to the micro-roll or boiling, thick porridge soup to see porridge oil for the degree. Fasting every morning and evening 1 time, take advantage of warm drinking. But in the patient suffering from a cold or fever period should be disabled. There are two will not smooth, sputum, chest and abdomen full also should not take.

2, Rosa laevigata porridge (also known as Rosa laevigata Long lasting porridge):

Rosa laevigata 15 grams, 200 ml of water, fry to 100 ml, to slag juice, into the rice or 100 grams of rice, add 600 ml of water, boiled gruel. Daily morning and evening take warm, 5-7 days for a course of treatment. But cold or fever patients should not be used.

3, leek porridge:

First leek sub-Wenhuo fry, each take leek 10 grams, 50 grams of rice, fine salt amount, with the casserole into the water 500 ml, simmer and cook until the rice porridge can be thick. Twice daily, warm food. Long lasting effect.

4, cornelian porridge (aka Long lasting porridge):

Each take the washed cornus 15 grams, 50 grams of glutinous rice, brown sugar amount, the same into the casserole, add 500 ml of water, the text of the fire to the micro-roll or boiling, rice porridge thick, porridge oil surface degrees. Daily morning fasting Dayton served 1 times, 10 days for a course of treatment. However, heavy phlegm, urine Jifu adverse patients.

5, walnut porridge:

Walnut meat 50 grams, smashed. 50 grams of rice, add water as usual method porridge. Porridge cooked to join the walnut meat, mix thoroughly, a little boiling, floating porridge oil can be eaten. Can be in the early and late warm clothes 1 times. For patients with diarrhea, loose stools, not taking.

6, keel porridge:

Calcium keel 30 grams, mashed, into the casserole water 200 ml, fried 1 hour, clarification, to the residue, juice, into the glutinous rice 100 grams, add 600 ml of water, brown sugar amount, boiled half thick porridge. Morning and evening fasting food, 5 days for a course of treatment.

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Tips: on the treatment of premature ejaculation problems, the understanding between husband and wife is very important,in his wife's encouragement and cooperation, the male friends as soon as possible out of the shadow of premature ejaculation, regain confidence. Therefore, as the other half, must be a lot of understanding each other, to make more encouragement to the other side.

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