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A great victory of the Chinese traditional medicine!  

Recently, Adelaide University research team published the results of a major study on the world authoritative academic Weekly "oncology target"!

Scientists announced:lastly study clearly  the  Chinese traditional medicine complex mechanisms of using herbs to treat cancer! Traditional Chinese herbal medicine Compound kushen injection( CKI) have miraculous results in killing cancer cells.

Study found Compound kushen injection( CKI) injection can change the internal control cell division and death of genes, and changes in cell cycle of cancer cells into cell death, that is, to kill cancer cells.

This is new study at the University of Adelaide, it confirmed that traditional Chinese medicine can kill cancer cells.

In China, Compound Sophora Injection ( CKI) approved for the treatment of various cancer tumors, usually Western medicine as an adjunct to chemotherapy.

However, although the efficacy of this drug has been verified, but the principle of anti-cancer remains a mystery!

The study was conducted by the Global on Compound Sophora Injection ( CKI) first study, and the focus is the molecular principle of operation to kill cancer cells, rather than analyze its composition.

Study leader David Adelson said: "Most of use in traditional Chinese medicine is based on the Chinese people for thousands of years of traditional experience have proved that there is substantial evidence in the herbal treatment of some diseases do have effect, but no one knows the principle.."

"Through our research, we can confirm that herbs in the killing of cancer cells have a significant effect, which is very magical, very surprising!"

The study conducted by researchers published in the international medical journal "Cancer target" (Oncotarget), confirming the traditional Chinese medicine in Compound Sophora Injection ( CKI) injection can cause the gene expression changes in the type and Matrine Injections may also act on various genes of different types of cancer cells.

Professor Adelson explained that these genes is capable of regulating cell division and the survival period of the prescription seems to have changed, the regulation of the cell cycle, induce cancer cell towards the death pathways  development, ultimately, to kill cancer cells.

It is understood that Compound Sophora Injection ( CKI) injection is well-known in traditional Chinese medicine treatment, the drug contained in the clay extracted from Sophora Ling and roots, and contain a variety of chemical constituents, including alkaloids such as matrine (matrine), oxidation bitter reference base (oxymatrine), flavonoids (flavonoids) and the like.

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Like other traditional Chinese medicine,as a separate component of Compound Sophora Injection does not produce results of kill cancer cells, and then mixed together, it will be able to treat a variety of cancers, and human potential side effects (side effects) is also greatly reduced!

This latest research triggered a huge response from the authority of the medical profession in the world!

Nobel Prize winner Harald zur Hausen see this great research, too, issued a statement saying that Chinese medicine to cure cancer have a significant effect! ! Chinese medicine is profound, is great wealth, the need to constantly explore, standardization, scientific!

An herbal craze sweeping Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia. . .  

As countries further researchers of Chinese medicine herbs, we have reason to believe that this new anticancer Chinese herbal medicine of God will be listed!

By then, tens of millions of cancer patients around the world can bid farewell to the West painful chemotherapy! Benefit from this amazing herbal medicine of God. . . .

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