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Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation refers to a state where men ejaculate immediately when they have sex.

In this state, also called PE in English, you can not adjust ejaculation timing by yourself.

Since the time to ejaculation has individual differences in the first place, I can not define like premature ejaculation if it is within minutes, but for the time being I will tell you that it will ejaculate too early before the partner gets orgasm .

The cause is different for each person, but can be divided into two largely.

Cause of premature ejaculation

Firstly, one is a spiritual thing. Stress and worry, even if sex itself has resistance, trauma etc, there are things that you will soon ejaculate immediately. In this case, it is important to remove the cause.

In addition, accustoming to masturbation in a short time is one of the reasons, the act of accelerating ejaculation because it is not noticed in the surroundings makes the sympathetic nerve of autonomic nerves strongly work and it ejaculates.

The other is a physical thing.

Approximately 60% of Japanese men are also known as phimosis, but in fact the state that this foreskin is covered with the glans is said that the glans are hardly stimulated on a daily basis. Therefore, if it is a pseudo-phimosis, it is possible to peel off the foreskin and insert it, but the glans head which is not normally stimulated rubs with the female genitalia and it can not bear the stimulus and it is ejaculated .

In this case, if you are a phimosis, first it is an effective way to treat it. There are three major ways to take a surgical operation, a method of using instruments for the phimosis treatment, a method of attaching a habit of peeling off the foreskin, and a surgical operation, Which one you choose is personal freedom. The most reliable way is to remove the extra foreskin after a third surgical operation, that is, a phimosis surgery.

However, there are times when premature ejaculation is occurring only by one cause, but there are many cases that various factors are complicatedly intertwined. Moreover, if the person himself / herself worries too much, that state may deteriorate more. Therefore, if you have a specific partner, it is important not to worry about it alone first but to share their concerns with partners and understand each other.

Improvement of premature ejaculation with drugs

You may also need counseling, sometimes you will need to see psychosomatic medicine.

Just when you can not go to the hospital easily, you can also use goods and medicines to improve it.

Lidocaine of local anesthesia is a representative cream of premature ejaculation improvement, but it is a medicine that can withstand sexual stimulation by making it locally insensitive by applying it to the glans before sex. Some PE pills is also a premature ejaculation preventing medicine that increases sex insertion time by 3 to 4 times by blunting the autonomic nervous system that issues ejaculation order.

As such sex is open in overseas, various premature ejaculation improving drugs are on sale,like the Delay expert male sex pills,russina super viagra etc premature ejaculation pills are popular.

Nonetheless, in the case of pharmaceuticals, it becomes a thing to be incorporated into the body, so care is required for safety.

How to prevent premature ejaculation

For those suffering from premature ejaculation, the squeeze method is the premature ejaculation prevention method that is considered to be the easiest and most effective treatment.

Local anesthesia

Many people suffering from premature ejaculation have the problem that the sensitivity of the penis is too good.

Insertion will cause the penis to react abnormally, resulting in ejaculation in just a few seconds to a few minutes. Effective for those of this type, it is a prevention and prevention medicine of local anesthetic system.

Immediate solution with taking super kamagra super russian viagra etc. premature ejaculation pills.

This ingredient is said to serotonin uptake inhibitor, it strengthens the parasympathetic nervous which weakens ejaculatory sympathetic state and can relax. As a result, prevention of premature ejaculation can be prevented, and insertion time can be lengthened.

It is also an ideal medicine for men, because strong erectile power continues for a long time and lasts until ejaculation because it also contains ingredients that increase erectile power. The difference from commonly used premature ejaculation preventive creams and gels is that there is no anesthetic ingredient, so there is a point that the insertion time can be lengthened long without feeling dull.

Although creams and gels prevent premature ejaculation by reducing stimulation of penile directly, Delay expert premature ejaculation pills  acts on nerves, so despite increasing the sensitivity rather than lowering the sensitivity, the time to ejaculation It has the effect of delaying.

In other words, sex acts are possible for a long time with the highest sensitivity. Let's take advantage of these drugs to prevent premature ejaculation and to enjoy encouraging sex acts.

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