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LOVES TABLET male enhancement pills Detailed Product Description: 

Argy Wormwood leaf is also called love leaf or a leaf, a kind of all year round twins herbaceous plant, which grows in northeast part of Philippines. The leaf and the root of a leaf contains elements that benefit the male and the female respectively, it also contains 26 trace elements that the body need such as lecithin, cephalin, amino acid, linoleic acid, vitamin A, D, B1, B2, ferrum, phosphorus, calcium etc.


The safe best male enhancement pills male element extracted from this plant can show effects like afrodyn such as VG. It can relax the vessels similar to VG. A leat has strong power to activate yang to increase the sexual ability without adding more loads on the nerves, muscles or heart.

Because the love tablets pills product from this kind of leaf can increase sexual ability and stop premature ejaculation, enhance sperm quantity and quality and promote marrow, strengthen constitution and the kidney, tonify qi and blood etc. That is why called it natural VG.

Safe male enhancement pills love tablet Main ingredients medlar, cinnamon, l-carnitine, c. deserticola, levorotatory tartaric acid salt


Love tablet sex pills Applications: 

impotence, thin penis, scanty sperm, dead sperm, excessive sexual activity, hypo sexuality, relaxed vagina wall, dry face or pale complexion or with acne. It is also applicable for women with high standard for sexual life are also.


Notes: Pregnant women and people under age were forbidden.

usage and dosage:1, enhance immunity, easily fatigue, lumbar debility, and urination crowd, take 1 time every day .
2, improve renal power, improve male sexual crowd, 2 slices before sleeping, 1 time every two days

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