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There are many Social life factors affect the sex life, slight changes can alter the quality of the entire sex life, more can improve the quality of both sex, change the way of sex life. Recently, a US website "Yourtango" published an article, an inventory of the nine scientifically validated "pro-sex" approach, and sometimes can take some natural male female sex enhancer supplements libido booster like viagra cialis female sex pills to help ,it is worth a try.

1, promotion and pay rise stimulate sexual desire

Published in the "International Journal of Human Resources," one report, researchers studied on 6317 men and women weekly frequency of sexual activity conducted a survey, and then compared with their income. It was found that 5 percent higher income level than other people, a week sex life more than 4 times. In addition, human promotion and pay rise stage, the number of sex will be significantly increased. Expert analysis, economic stability and give people more free time to other activities, including sex.

2, drinking red wine together with partner

A study published in the "Journal of Sexual Medicine" noted that drinking red wine than women who love other kinds of drinks have a stronger sex drive. Imagine a red dress girl, hand holding a goblet filled with red wine, isn’t it very attractive? Wine has always been to help sex sexual things, and now it is sex "catalyst." But when good sex, foreplay or to help some of the fun of appliances, We recommend Black Ant King Male Enhancement Pills;Dragon Power chinese sex capsules; viagra cialis levitra erectile dysfunction pills;red spider female aphrodisiac oral solution etc natural herbal sex pills for man and women.


3, more passionate adventure day

Do not always arrange some old-fashioned items for your dating, such as watching movies, eating, etc., to make dating become a good opportunity to mobilize passions. You can schedule a little nervous or afraid exciting activities. A study published in the "Archives of Sexual Behavior" on discovery, such as surfing, bungee jumping, mountain climbing and other exciting activities, enabling the nervous system tension, heart rate, sexual arousal faster.

4, wear bright clothes more dazzling

If you want to arouse the opposite sex’s attention, red, yellow, green and other colorful clothes help you to enhance the attractiveness and become more sexy. But be careful not to wear colorful.

5, tedious programming more like having sex

A new study found that the couple sat side by side on the couch to watch light entertainment programs or boring drama, can help the parties get close, because at this time they want to "have some fun."

6, a special taste more attractive

UK survey says women like their male partner distributing paint, leather, alcohol and other special smell.And if women who exudes a special taste lipstick, baby lotion or shampoo, the more attractive.

7, eat avocado provoke desire

Avocado is a natural "aphrodisiac", its shape is reminiscent of the male genitals or a woman's graceful curves of the body, with its creamy smooth meat can play a role to stimulate lust. various substances Catalyzed, you do not want sex?

8, reading erotic literature

To mobilize libido, do not watch pornographic videos, but should be reading books. Sexual medicine expert said reading therapy can improve sex. Some gender description of literary works, can help enhance the sexual fantasies of women is particularly effective. Imagine give more space sex , on the screen just to meet the eye, but it can not satisfy the fantasy of the soul.

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