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La Pepa Negra Pill is a sexual stimulant for males suffering from erectile dysfunction and impotence issues. Some of the benefits males might find out of this natural sex enhancement product  will boost stamina throughout sex, increase overall libido, increase daily energy, and contains the possibility to improve the general performance of the guy.


La pepa negra pill main ingredients: Epimedium Cooked Rehmannia Root Atindite (Athina Lithium) Stinging Nettle Root Powder (Urtica Dioica)

One of the primary effects because its ingredients target blood flow towards the penis. This helps males get fully hard and get long-lasting erections.

Also cause a rise in libido, sexual energy, and stamina. There are also many very potent libido enhancers within the formula that will make sure that males may have the libido they used to have when they were still young.


La Pepa Negra male enhancement Functions:

This product for stronger and powerful erections, fast acting drink one 30 minutes before sexual encounter, depending on the individual will remain in the body up to 72 hours. Enjoy your sex life, boost your libido, Satisfy your partner!

Gains quick ejection and strong sexual desire.

Helps sexual arousal last longer

Adjusts the sexual functions of the human body.

Natural herbal medicine that is safe and effective with no stimulants or toxins


La Pepa Negra male enhancement pills Specification:  25 packs(pills)/box

Shelf Life:  3 years

Storage:   Keep in a cool and dry place away from light

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