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King wolf pills for sale now . Do you want to know where to buy wholesale cheap natural male enhancement sex pills: King wolf pill? Do you want to know about the king wolf pills side effects,king wolf main ingredients,functions etc. important information? ok, pls check the below information. 

What is the King wolf chinese sex pills

King wolf pills is a 100% nature sex enhance product ,no side effect no harm for your health,can improve the sexual life effectively.

Best seller King Wolf Sex Pills was made by using the most advanced fluid extract new technology that helps completely maintain animal testicle androgen biological activity. 

King Wolf  is a refined formula of many purely prepared traditional medicines. Main gradients extracted from dozens of precious and rare medicinal herbs.

Main ingredients in King Wolf male sex pills :

Dozen of precious and rare medicinal materials such as medlar,ginseng,Chinese caterpillar fungus,yam,licorice,hairy antler,lily,etc.

These ingredients may directly enter penis and regulate the interior expansion of blood vessel, encourage the blood circulation, rapidly enhances the content of androgens in human body's blood, causes to powerful, stiff and coarse penis! 

Cheap King Wolf pills Functions:

  • Quickly erecting the penis;stiffening and widening the penis,curing premature ejaculation&erectile dysfunction,and improving sexual activities and curing waist and leg ache. 
  • Male enhancement improve sexual performance;
  • Stronger, longer, thicker erection;
  • Nutritional supplement,can be long-term used;
  • Fast acting maximum strength natural sex pills for men ;

King wolf pills side effects:  100% herbal and safe no side effects;

King wolf pills Dosage:taken orally,once for one capsule before sexual activities,no more within 24 hours after taking one.

King wolf male sex pills Cautions:People with high blood pressure,heart disease,and sugar diabetes may take the medicine,Under-aged persons are not allowed to take the medicine.

King wolf pills Specification: 1200 mg* 5 capsules/box 

Storage:Kept in dry and shade.

Valid Period: 3 years

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