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We are the chinese professional sex pills wholesaler , can supply the best original female passion sex liquid Japan sunflower sex drops,can supply the cheap viagra cialis ed pills,herbal chinese sex pills ,natural male enhancement pills quality, free shipping to whole world. 

Japan sunflower female passion sex liquid female Aphrodisiac oral solution product introduction: 

Japan sunflower female passion liquid, is a natural female aphrodisiac extract in sunflower.It can restore the female reproductive system, increase feminine qualities.

After taking this female sex drops,Women can quickly activate the original sexual desire,the lower body began to tighten, fever, itching, lower body secretions increased ,heart rate significantly accelerated, so that women heart beating , passionate, thrilling hundred times, ecstasy bone, make you arbitrary.

Japan sunflower female passion sex drops,has obvious role of improvement for female nerves, frigidity, lack of sexual desire, do not have sex orgasm, the treatment of female sexual cold medicine.

Japan sunflower Female Aphrodisiac oral solution effects and function :

Japan Fujiyoshi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. patented technology, a special female aphrodisiac agent, taking this product can quickly promote the production of female hormones, a short period of time to make women's breasts firm, rapid congestion and expansion of the G-point, Yin Yin itching extremely, And produce sexual fantasies.

This product: Japan sunflower female passion liquid colorless and tasteless, soluble in any drinks, beverages, couples to improve the quality of sex life, lack of female libido, frigidity and so on.

This Japan sunflower product is extremely convenient, 10 minutes before the sex, take this products dissolved in boiling water or drink,then can be taken. Long-term use, non-toxic, no side effects, addiction. This product have miraculous effects on frigid, no climax female .

After taking this sex Drugs 5-10 minutes, can have sexual pleasure, aroused the original wild instinct, strong requirements of the opposite sex with their sexual intercourse, and can obey any order and instructions, female vaginal itching, thigh dumb, heart rate increased, lower body secretions increased, You love - but not self-suppression, allowing you to do whatever they want!

Vaginal smooth muscle contraction, resulting in a strong desire to enhance the vaginal endocrine function, a large number of overflowing love liquid, vaginal wall at the itching want to grip the penis, feel intense tug friction comfort. So that women  passionate and unrestrained, thrilled hundred times, ecstasy bone-eating, so that you arbitrary, so that she was once a fairyland spring. Unforgettable sex life.

The Usage and Dosage of Japan Sunflower female sex oral solution Boost Sex drive

5 minutes before the sex,  pour it  into 100 ml drinks or drinks, diluted to drink, if the effect can not be suppressed, can have a lot of water to ease.

Japan sunflower female passion Use range

Female sexual retardation, frigidity, vaginal relaxation, dryness, lack of passion and want to improve the quality of sex life.


1, pregnant women and minors with caution.

2, is strictly prohibited the use of this product lure girls.

3, for legitimate couples only.

Japan sunflower female passion Aphrodisiac oral solution Boost Sex drive Specifications: 8 ml / bottle; 8 bottles / box

Japan sunflower female sex pills Shelf life:  3 years

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