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Product Description:

Furunbao is an herbal stimulant based on a combination of 7 powerful herbs. These herbs work together to provide a long-lasting sexual boost to any male that takes it. For someone that suffers from erectile dysfunction, low libido issues and other sexual performance issues, Furunbao provides a proven method to overcome these issues.


100% Natural Herbal Vegetal Vigra Mens Sex Enhancement.

Furunbao is scientifically made from Kidneys of sheep, ox and deer, together with Chinese Yam , Chinese date, Fruit of Chinese Wolfberry and the fruit of Alpinia oxyphylla, etc. It is effective to supplement body with protein, help resist fatigue, strengthen body to keep vigorous, and promote body immunity.

Furunbao contains:Kidneys of sheep, ox and deer

                 Panax ginseng C. A. Mey

             Chinese Yam

         Chinese date

     Chinese wolfberry

Alpinia oxyphylla


Why choose Furunbao?

works effective. -Over 890,000 happy customers in 58 different countries or regions so far!

All Natural ingredients.- Furunbao is an all natural product, thus the least side effects!

Long lasting effect. -The effect lasts as much as 72 hours. It also improves your natural desire.

affordable. -price reasonable,it is the most affordable stimulant on the market.

When compared to other popular sexual stimulants such as Viagra and Cialis, no one can stand against the powerful effects of Furunbao. For centuries, this herbal supplement has help men improve their sex life. That is why that men are now forgoing their prescriptions of Viagra and Cialis and turning to the all-natural benefits that Furunbao provides.

Specification: 0.3 g * 8 capsules/tin or 2 capsules/pack

How To Use

Furunbao male enhancement is a natural herbal supplement that is designed to provide maximum results for an extended amount of time. On average, one capsule of Furunbao will last 72 hours. During this 72 hour period, natural ingredients will help jump-start your libido and increase your sexual performance. Keep in mind that this supplement was designed for men only; it is not advised that women use Furunbao for any reason.

To achieve maximum results with Furunbao, take one capsule after a normal meal. Since this herbal supplement has a long-lasting effect, it is advised that you wait approximately three days between each dose.

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