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What is Cialis?

Cialis (generic name: tadalafil) is an ED remedy from Eli Lilly Co., Ltd.  it acquired manufacturing and marketing approval under the three standards of [5 mg] [10 mg] [20 mg] .

It is an oral PDE 5 inhibitor, unlike conventional ED therapeutic drug Viagra Levitra, efficacy is recognized up to 36 hours after administration, so it is absorbed in the body it will not be affected by diet, so It is a medicine that appeared as a new option of ED treatment without pressure.

It is characterized by a yellow oval outline, but the contents are white medicine. Also, if taken on Friday night, it is also called "weekend pill" because it will act for a long time until Sunday's daytime.

International birth was in October 2002 and since its release it has been used by more than 10 million patients in over 100 countries worldwide. In August 2013, it was announced that the worldwide market as an ED therapeutic agent (PDE 5 inhibitor) was 42% and became the first prize in the world market.

Active ingredient of cialis

The active ingredient contained in Cialis is "Tadalafil". In terms of how much this ingredient is contained [5 mg] [10 mg] [20 mg] will change its name.

Tadalafil, the main component of this cialis, is a white powder and has a water-insoluble nature. The maximum blood concentration arrival time after ingestion is 30 minutes to 4 hours, which is a large individual difference depending on the person. (By the way Viagra is 30 minutes to one and a half hour, Levitra is 42 minutes to 54 minutes) Therefore, the timing of taking the medicine will be about 3 hours before sexual intercourse.

Also, for reference, there are other drugs that have tadalafil as the active ingredient.

So, tadalafil is a special ingredient having three product names for each indication "erectile dysfunction" "pulmonary arterial pulmonary hypertension" "benign prostatic hyperplasia" for each indication.

Cialis effect / efficacy

With conventional ED treatment drug: Viagra Levitra, the effect duration is 4 to 6 hours and it is affected by meals, so some patients are concerned about the timing of taking ED medication or worry about the effect duration .

Many people came and went. Cialis has been shown to have an effect of improving erectile function only in response to sexual stimulation over 10 to 20 mg at 20 mg for 20 to 24 hours after dosing and it is said that it is less likely to be affected by diet.

Therefore, it is expected to greatly reduce the worry of having to end sexual activity before the timing and medicinal effect at the time of taking off. With the appearance of Cialis, ED treatment which can be received in natural body like before it suffered from ED became possible without feeling impatience and pressure.

According to the manufacturer's announcement that there is no influence of meal until 800 kcal.

IMPORTANT However, as with Viagra and Levitra, Cialis also is absorbed quickly into the body, so it is clear that the effect is sharp and apparently quickly effective.

Notes to take cialis

Cialis tablets should be taken 3 to 4 hours before sexual intercourse.

Absorption speed ranges from 1 to 4 hours depending on the person or the physical condition at that time.

After drinking it will work for 20 to 24 hours at cialis 10 mg and up to 36 hours at Cialis 20 mg.

Taking one dose a day, and taking interval [10 mg] [20 mg] to 24 hours or more.

Some people can not take it.

Some nitrates (nitro formulation), beta blockers, some of glaucoma drugs are contraindicated. It can not be prescribed also to those who use the corresponding medicine.

For details: Cialis combined use contraindication medicine

To the end it is a medicine that helps erection by improving blood flow, so even if you take it you will not erect without sexual stimulation or sexual arousal. In short, it means that erection does not occur only by taking medicine and being absorbed into the body.

If you drink alcohol too much, neurotransmission will be bad, so it may be difficult to receive sexual stimulation and the erectile power may decline sharply. As soon as medicine does not work, attention is necessary.

Cialis is said to be unaffected by meals, but that is a mistake. Please remember that the meal has a limit of 800 kcl.

After all, we recommend you to drink Cialis when on an empty stomach. For example, from 19 o'clock for meals at around 22 o'clock in the case of sexual activity, you can withdraw the effect of medicine by taking Cialis at around 17 o'clock. When you drink after dinner ,avoiding greasy items, soba noodles, noodles, sushi etc, you should take something chewy about 7 minutes on the belly and empty about 2 hours after meal and take it.

Cialis is less milder than "Viagra" and "Levitra", such as "hot flashes of the face", "hyperemia of eyes", "headache" and so on. However, these side effects are side effects that everyone seems to be about to start, so do not worry too much, it's okay.

People who are concerned about headache and stuffy nose may use a headache medicine or a rhinitis medicine in combination.

By continuing taking Cialis for a long time it will not make it more difficult for antibodies to develop in the body. However, there are times when you feel that the disease (diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia) that is the factor of ED and the progress of aging become "it is no longer effective". It does not mean that the effectiveness of ED medicine has never been weakened.

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Hubert,UK South Yorkshire (Sheffield) 2017-05-17 01:19:43

Two weekends . It works for me with simulation however not enough for penetration. 20 mg as needed basically the weekend pill. next time i will try cialis 100mg , may be a Great for me.

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Your cialis pills Works perfectly, Hard erections, multiple erections, lasts from Friday night til Sunday morning. For best and quickest results don't take with large meals and do not drink alcohol.

Mike R New Jersey, Trenton 2017-01-14 07:14:46

I had some problems with an erection and I tried cialis. I had some doubts about taking the drug, sometimes even fear. But nothing bad happened. I decided, and Cialis helped me to get rid of my problem. I bought cialis here,price is not high,quality is good,so i will do more business with you in the future. Maybe my review help someone too.

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