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Sex tablets wholesale Chao Jimengnan online buy Chao Jimengnan/OTO for male sex enhancer

This product adopts the plant extract technology, nano natural raw material, has been highly concentrated, absorption, long lasting, never express containing.From high blood pressure, heart disease. Diabetes, won't produce adverse reactions such as headaches, no side effect and dependence on a three-day, energetic continuous 48-72 hours

chao jimengnan sex tablets Composition:

Each tablet contains extracts of

Epimedium 50mg

Rhemannia root 50mg

Deer root 50 mg.

Chao Jimengnan oto chinese male enhancement pills capsules Usage&Dosage:

1. 1-2 tablets daily when necessary

2. 30 minutes before action or going to bed, you may also chew the tablet for quicker absorption

3. Store in a cool dry place

4. Keep out of the reach of children

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