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Canadian online pharmacies American customers have at least 100 million and more, every year at least a million Americans to buy medicines they need from neighboring Canada pharmacy, why so many Americans like to buy drugs from Canadian pharmacies ?  

Because: The main reason is that the United States vary widely, leading to the phenomenon of self-government state drug supply regional inequality, it would have been willing to go to Canada this stable and excellent quality place to buy.

Sparsely populated Canada, adequate supply and cheaper prices, there will be no shortage. Canadian online pharmacies to sell up to the cheap viagra pills and low price cialis.

Viagra is the world's first most effective ED products.  Efficiency up to 80%, a lot of people call him "blue pills", but the more people call him "blue magic pills" ,Because he gave the world's hundreds of millions of moderate and severe ED affected men hope.

1998, viagra in the US market has dominated Champion ED drug treatment field in the world, formed a blue storm, sales have been steadily rising, sales of which the highest peak in the first half of 2016 global sales of 20.51 billion. Viagra 100mg retail price in 12-15USD / pill.

Cialis is the Eli Lilly pharmaceutical R & D and production, major ingredients is tadalafil, are PDE-5 inhibitor, is approved by the US FDA and CFDA only long-acting PDE-5 inhibitors for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction (ED ), oral PDE-5 inhibitors are the medical guidelines in many countries and regions, recommended as first-line therapy for ED.

This is the second after a great viagra ED drugs, cialis and viagra comparison,biggest feature of cialis  is the long-term nature. Some of his onset time  up to about 36 hours. Some called him "a weekend pills", there are people called him "yellow diamond" from the two names can know he is a man of much love.

Prices vary depending on the states, cialis 20mg usually 12-16USD / pills. Price a bit expensive but still a lot of people like it, and hard to buy cialis pill.

Canadian online pharmacies why everyone liked it? mainly because he has cheap viagra cheap cialis. Much lower price, see below:


See the above two graphs wholesale price of viagra cialis ,a lot of people are very surprised. It is not anxious to buy immediately. Now we know why many Americans buy viagra cialis pills from Canadian pharmacies each year.

Here I am again to tell a little secret. Ever wondered why the price is so low in Canadian online pharmacies. Canadian online pharmacies wholesale cheap viagra cheap cialis, is there any problem with the quality or is it effective. According to so many friends buying experience in the Canadian online pharmacies, the quality is no problem, there are up to 90% efficiency. 

So why the price is so low. This problem has troubled me for a long time, then I see the word came to understand why.

This sentence is: China  make the world cheaper. I followed Those Canada cheap viagra canada cheap cialis a year and it appears they all are from China and India,in these two countries the cost of production is very low,

viagra and cialis decade ago to set up factories in China, but  many people did not know. Many of China's stronger industrial base than India, so the quality of Chinese production is better and more stable.

Now my friends are a small wholesale directly from China,A lot of people now buy wholesale cheap male sex pills cheap viagra cialis pills from china,so action now.

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