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Wholesale sex capsule cheapest Black Deity sex pills male enhancement


This aphrodisiac pill is refined through the most advanced ergonomic technology. It excludes incretion or any additive excitant and sex capsule without any side effect. It can achieve the quick result of erecting continually and strongly, enhance the penis grow thicker, bigger and realize penis grows once more, enrich sperm and improve sexual.

Suitable Group:

1.Small penis, dried soreness, fatigue, dizziness,premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea weak point, sexual dysfunction, reduced sexual desire caused by a variety of symptoms, such as kidney deficiency.

2.Nocturnal and more back pain, physical exertion required to fill large Yankuang physical persons
premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction

3.Hand-foot-numbness, kidney deficiency fatigue, the less energy


Usage and dosage:

Orally take one sex capsule before 30 minutes of sexual intercourse, those lighter patients only need to take half pill.


Within 24 hours of taking this product, it is not allowed to take with other lower blood pressure medicines at the same time; Drink water to relieve the frequent erections

We are a leader in
wholesale sex pills in China, and also provide OEM/private labelling/private

package/customized formula development

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