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When mentioning Ancient, we first thought is the erotic figure. Yes, although the ancients is relatively conservative, but erotic figure gave us a detailed description of the ancients Flesh sex scenes.

So, as a modern people,products of ancient civilization and progress, we should learn erotic figure sex skills, so the bed game will be more Live Flesh, more Zest.

1. Just do it, the cynical

Many people will set sex several times a week is fixed, the pattern several times a month. However, no doubtedly this regularity of sex pushed wonderful feeling to the corner. Perfect sex is not for sex and sex, but we are very immersive, wonderful feeling to enjoy sex. So, when you want, then do it. If you do not, do not force yourself. Only when you want ,can make sex more harmonious and perfect.

2, fun gel, feel Addict

Apply gel on the chest, for men bring a different kind of passion. Durex Gel delight lovers induction, each have two, bring couples a different feel, silky gel brings Legends heat; the temptation jelly, bring cool grateful cool. In sexual foreplay, women can use either one, or you can mix the two, and then apply in their chest, rainbow night to experience the wonderful feeling. Also for the next men's "little brother" to the chest guest ready to detonate its passionate reaction.

3. Variety of posture, a variety of experience

Sex posture is not a unified position unchanged, you can always replace sexual positions, so that every sex have become different, exciting. Although we can not master all sexual positions, but remember that all poses are original aim. Therefore, adding different elements in each position, it will make it into a new position. For example, missionaries, in the buttocks put a pillow, it will allow more intense pleasure.

4, sensual friction, breast penis

In fact, regardless of the size of the chest, a woman's cleavage squeeze always there. In this process, women need hands to squeeze, his chest pushed inward, squeezing cleavage to meet man's "little brother", so the distance between the breasts can just keep man "little brother . " This feeling, although not really inserted, but gave the man different passion, the breast friction to the penis, plus breast smear taste jelly role, it is easy for a man to reach orgasm. In this process, the woman will experience different thrill of novelty.

A lot of people, we are here to say that a lot of people married sex life has been more or less discounted than before. Reason can be attributed to us or a matter of time, but in fact we can use sex skills to avoid or minimize the "discount" occur.

5, break the tradition

Many men and women in sex remain silent, quietly feeling each other. However, sex is not a no word process. And men do not like women in bed without a word, so say something in the bed, and let themselves and each other are excited about it, but remember not to be swearing.

What is even more excited about it than this? These techniques quickly learned so that play better in bed, let her enjoy your scream! Of course, you can according to their own situation, choose more suitable sex tricks for each to make sexual intercourse becomes more unique, more beautiful.

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