Condom use misunderstanding,how to choose the appropriate condoms and best natural male enhancement pills?

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In sex,must pay attention to contraception , and condoms is the most commonly used method of contraception, but pay attention to the correct use, otherwise it will not play a contraceptive effect, but also may have some negative effects to the sex.

Myth: Condoms reduce male pleasure.

This is the most common excuse for men not to use condoms. Many women also believe that, but finally regret. The latest authoritative study found that condoms do not have impact on the men sexual pleasure . Try our best natural male enhancement pills : RHINO 7; OLD CAPTAIN ETC.

Expert advice: Do not wear "colored glasses" to see condoms, it will not affect the pleasure, some special features of condoms, such as with a thread, floating point, ultra-thin type, but also help reduce worries and enhance fun and Pleasure.

Myth: Passion burst to wear condom is very unpleasant.

Many people believe that the two sides in high spirits, when the painstakingly stopped to wear sets of "unpleasant", will make people do not have sex. In fact, unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is the real "desire killer", people full of worry, can not get into.

Expert guidance: You can wear a condom as part of the foreplay, women with slender hands for the partner to wear sets, and gently caressing, provocative, will be very interesting part.

Myth: condoms should always carry.

Although this can help you prepare for contingencies, but most of the time is not desirable. Because condoms need to be properly stored in order to ensure "safe." If stored in hot and humid environment, it will become thin brittle, easy to break holes, tear.

Expert Tip: as far as possible the condoms stored in a dry and cool security environment. In fact, very convenient to buy condoms, do not have to carry, but also to avoid embarrassment.

Men how to choose the right condoms?

1, before  buy,  length to be measured

There are three types of condoms, large diameter of 35 mm, medium diameter of 33 mm and small diameter of 31 mm. In most cases, the most appropriate size is medium.

But clinically, we often see, some men because of the use of tight condoms, so that the penis blood circulation blocked, leading to penile tissue and nerve hypoxia, cavernous part of the injury, and may even appear penis weak, do not erect. And some people bought too large condoms, easily lead to shedding, semen out, reduce contraceptive effect. Therefore, men in the selection of condoms, it is best to measure the diameter of the penis, including the weak state and erection.

2, fast ejaculation do not use ultra-thin sets

At the same time, the thickness of the condom of men also have a great psychological impact.

Condoms thicker, male penis in sex life, the lower the sensitivity, that the greater distance between themselves and lovers, then naturally feel worse. Today, condoms are mainly ultra-thin, thin and ordinary three. Among them, the ultra-thin thickness of 0.03 mm, the general thickness of 0.04-0.06 mm, thin condom is between the two. United States had a study showed that the thickness drop of 0.01 mm , men's comfort will rise by 20%, no wonder men will particularly favor the ultra-thin this type.

However, ultra-thin condom is not for everyone. For those ejaculate faster, older and self-control  poor men, or should choose some thicker condoms  . This is conducive to control ejaculation, prolong sexual life, so that both sides to fully enjoy the sexual pleasure.

In addition, it is recommended that men buy a small package, the newly produced condoms. On the one hand, you can guarantee as soon as possible within the shelf-life, to avoid excessive absorption of latex lubricant. On the other hand, if you wear uncomfortable, you can  give up, the loss is not large. Importantly, it also ensures that regular change of the style of condoms, add to the sex life.

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