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Begun to taste the sex life perfect couple, often gluey devotion, Repeated having sex is often. But the problem is, the moment when the sense of excitement occurs, is to take immediate action, or to slow down?

Sex is very fun,when you are young, younger couples try several times within a short time to experience more sex exciting. As long as they feel comfortable,men have full erection, women vaginal moisture, it is naturally possible have sex twice.

But if one part body feel weak, faint soreness, it should wait for the discomfort disappeared completely, do it later.

However, it should be noted that having the twice sex needs a certain interval. After the first sexual intercourse, although there is no general said men "refractory period", but also requires a certain time interval, should generally wait 10 minutes or more, but the maximum should not exceed 30 minutes.

Too long will increase second sexual arousal time. In the interval, male humorous self-mockery is necessary. Have sufficient self-confidence, while the conversation can begin to caress women, which can begin immediately after the first sex.

During interval husband Confidence manifestations include conversation, calm caress and the will to win, this is crucial, because this constitutes a second sexual intercourse prelude, fully prepared, will give good effect on the second sex.

In addition, the first caress promote erectile visual conditions firstly, the general case, Caring for 10 minutes after the first sex can stimulate the penis , make it erect, and then continue to caress until sexual intercourse. Then if the woman cooperate, the effect will be better.

Twenty-year-old man after the first ejaculation, yet not soft, can continue for a few minutes or even longer; or some people twice erection very short intervals. Men in this age group should enjoy the advantage of the young.

But for most women, a major problem facing multiple sex is vaginal moisture decreased. Especially short sex intervals, a single sex for long time. Recommended women to prepare a lubricant, so as not to allow vaginal dryness caused bad sex.

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