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Afria no.1 da zhan fu

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Wholesale top male enhancement best-selling Afria NO.1 DA ZHAN FU best-selling sex enhancer products


1. Improving vaginal atrophy and enabling it to be more firm during sexual process.
2. top
best male enhancement pills Improving premalure ejaculation and improving endurance.

3. deliver maximum sexual performance and sexual pleasure, stronger and harder erections.
4. it’s wonderful to make the sexual organ fast erection and achieve rock hard erection anytime you want.


Suitable Group
1.Sexual function decline in young men and old men.
2.Hand-foot-numbness, kidney deficiency fatigue, the less energy
3.Nocturnal and more back pain, physical exertion required to fill large Yankuang physical persons
premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction
4.Weak, energy poor, sick easily immunocompromised personIt is fit for those with functionaliual

impotence and prostatitis caused from neurasthenic or spirituality.

Afria NO.1 DA ZHAN FU Precaution:
1. Do not use the product if you have serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, high blood

pressure and heart problems, diabetes.
2. Please do not take any other medicine within twelve hours of dosing one of these capsules
3. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18.
4. Should not take more than 2 capsules per day.



Take one capsule and swallow with a bit of liquid (best warm water) about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse

We are a leader in wholesale sex products in China, and also provide OEM/private labelling/private
package/customized formula development

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